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Super Simple Button Masher

Lately, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the last few days of my summer vacation by wasting ludicrous amounts of time with wild abandon, something that I doubt I’ll be able to do regularly when I start college in a few days. One of the chief ways I’ve been doing this is playing sublimely idiotic flash games. It was when my trigger finger started to get sore after the first few hours in a marathon gaming session that it’d be extremely easy to write a script to do the clicking for me.

This script is perfect for spray-and-pray, button-mashing type of games. Also, if you ever wondered how someone got that impossibly high score on games like these, it’s not because they have some kind of supernatural button-pressing power (or in the case of the last game, prodigious amounts of patience and free time), it’s because they cheated. After all, even “Master Takahashi”, whose entire claim to fame rests on how well he can button mash, could only reach 16 shots per second at his peak; this script does over 60 per second on my computer.

When I chose to call this “super simple”, I really meant it. This is not meant for more complicated games like WoW (ex. this fishing bot) or Starcraft II. If you’re looking for these kinds of highly specific scripts, check the AutoHotkey forums or better yet, learn to write one yourself. I was so lazy that I didn’t include a GUI or even make a custom logo!

Anyway, without any further ado (oh wait…darn!), here’s the download links.

(Oh, and the even higher scores are from actually hacking the data sent back to the server, not playing the game at all.)


Super Simple Button Masher.exe

Super Simple Button Masher.ahk


Microsoft, for security purposes, doesn’t let the script work properly in explorer and IE windows. To get around this, run the program in administrator mode, or better yet, get a better browser.


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Reader Comments (2)

Awesome!! :D I've been looking for a simple button-mashing program for a long time. Is there any way to program it to mash arrow keys too?

January 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJupi

My computer almost crashed. How do you stop the program?

August 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterBubba
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