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Media Player Classic Pauser

I use Media Player Classic (MPC) to listen to music while I use my computer. I was tired of having to stop typing, grope for my mouse, and hunting down the right MPC window (I normally have at least two or three running at a time). I wrote this simple script that pauses MPC when you press Ctrl+Shift+P even if another windows is active. The script is smart enough to only pause MPC windows that are actually playing, so if you have some other instances of MPC running (but paused) they don’t get unpaused. Press Ctrl+Shift+P again and the last MPC window to be paused will be unpaused. The script supports all versions of Media Player Classic, including the original version by Gabest as well as the newer Home Cinema version.


pause_mpc.exe (program)

pause_mpc.ahk (source code)

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