Cheat at TypeRacer

Executive Summary: This is a simple little program that lets you cheat at typeracer.

Will this program work for other typing test websites?
Well, the actual program itself should work for nearly everything because it simply types the characters one-by-one, just like a human would do it. However, the part where you copy the text using Firebug will likely not work for other typing test websites.


  1. Run this program.
  2. Install the excellent “Firebug” extension on your Firefox.
  3. Enter a race on
  4. Hit F12 to open up the Firebug window.
  5. Make sure the Firebug window is open to the “HTML” tab.
  6. Hit Ctrl+Shift+K to type in the search box.
  7. Search for a phrase in the text like “farcical aquatic ceremony.” Hit Enter.
  8. Click on the highlighted phrase that Firebug found.
  9. Hit Ctrl+C to copy the text to your clipboard.
  10. Click in the input box on typeracer.
  11. Hit Ctrl+Shift+U.
  12. Type the first word in the text (in green and underlined).
  13. Hit Ctrl+V to paste the rest of the text.
  14. Hit Enter.
  15. Either get disqualified outright or asked to take a special typing test with a CAPTCHA to verify that you didn’t cheat.

Background: I created this in about five minutes (it’s four lines of code) after I was defeated by a friend. I could have created a much more elaborate program, one that does even more of the work for you, and to try to get around the CAPTCHA test with OCR, but I didn’t really see the point; I’m not so vain as to want to get my name in the list of high scores, and I wasn’t even sure if the CAPTCHA could be beaten anyway. If you want to do this, create your own damn program. This was only for a one-time prank to blow away my friend with a blistering 270 WPM score with 100% accuracy.


Proof that I was able to cheat:

Future Development

As with all my programs, please contact me to report a bug or suggest a new feature. This is especially important for this program because I consider this program to be “feature-complete” and probably won’t be working on it anymore unless someone emails me with a interesting suggestion.


TypeRacer Trickster.exe




New UK versions of Spanish and German Accent Programs

For the latest version, please click here.

Update 1/3/11: There is now no separate UK version since I figured out how to workaround the problem. Click here to learn more and to download the programs.

Update 10/24/10: Found that for certain applications, like Microsoft Office, you need to run my program in administrative mode. This only affects the UK versions because I had to use a different method of intercepting keystrokes for the UK keyboard layout. Unfortunately, there isn’t much I can do on my end to fix this problem; blame Microsoft for heavy-handed security “features.”

After several reports of users having some trouble using Spanish_Accents_CapsLock with UK keyboard layouts, I finally figured out the problem. The solution isn’t perfect though, as it requires disabling the normal CapsLock functionality (not a big deal), and also uses a “keyboard hook”, which may be falsely detected as a virus because many keyloggers use them. Hence, I will be publishing two versions, a normal one and a UK one, of all subsequent updates to this program and the German version.



Update to German Accents Program

To download the latest version, please click here.

Note: If you have a UK-layout keyboard, please use this UK version.

After updating the Spanish accents version, I figured I’d do the same for the German version. Basically, this increases compatibility for people with keyboard layouts otehr than the standard US QWERTY keyboard. For example, if you have a French AZERTY keyboard, you may have had trouble using the old version.

What you need to know is that instead of using the ` key to type capital accents like Ä or Ü, you now hold down the Tabs key instead. Also, if you ever forget the key combos, you can press Shift+Tab to see a quick refrence guide.


Update to Spanish Accents Program

To download the latest version, please click here.

I’d originally wrote Spanish_Accents_CapsLock for people with standard, US, QWERTY keyboard layouts, but people with alternative keyboard layouts like the French AZERTY keyboard have been having problems because for them, the ` key is actually quite important to type in French.

Therefore, I rewrote the half of the program that dealt with typing capital accented letters like Á or É. It now uses “Tab” instead of the ` key so it should be universally compatible with all keyboard layouts (what keyboard doesn’t have “tab”?). I’ve also added an internal help file that you can access by pressing Shift+Tab. It will popup a quick reference guide of all the various key combinations.


Super Simple Button Masher

Lately, I’ve been trying to take advantage of the last few days of my summer vacation by wasting ludicrous amounts of time with wild abandon, something that I doubt I’ll be able to do regularly when I start college in a few days. One of the chief ways I’ve been doing this is playing sublimely idiotic flash games. It was when my trigger finger started to get sore after the first few hours in a marathon gaming session that it’d be extremely easy to write a script to do the clicking for me.

This script is perfect for spray-and-pray, button-mashing type of games. Also, if you ever wondered how someone got that impossibly high score on games like these, it’s not because they have some kind of supernatural button-pressing power (or in the case of the last game, prodigious amounts of patience and free time), it’s because they cheated. After all, even “Master Takahashi”, whose entire claim to fame rests on how well he can button mash, could only reach 16 shots per second at his peak; this script does over 60 per second on my computer.

When I chose to call this “super simple”, I really meant it. This is not meant for more complicated games like WoW (ex. this fishing bot) or Starcraft II. If you’re looking for these kinds of highly specific scripts, check the AutoHotkey forums or better yet, learn to write one yourself. I was so lazy that I didn’t include a GUI or even make a custom logo!

Anyway, without any further ado (oh wait…darn!), here’s the download links.


Super Simple Button Masher.exe

Super Simple Button Masher.ahk


Microsoft, for security purposes, doesn’t let the script work properly in explorer and IE windows. To get around this, run the program in administrator mode, or better yet, get a better browser.