New Versions of the Spanish and German Accents Programs (Again)
Monday, February 28, 2011 at 11:18AM
One Hour Programmer

For the latest version, please click here.


1.Shift+CapsLock+letter to type capital accent marks.

You can type capital accent marks now by typing Shift+CapsLock+letter. The old way (Tab+letter) still works though, so if that’s working for you, you can keep using that method.

2.Turn on CapsLock by right-clicking the program icon.

Last version, I disabled the CapsLock key to prevent CapsLock from being accidentally turned on when typing accents. Several users emailed me about this, so now you can turn on/off CapsLock by right-clicking the program icon. However, the actual CapsLock key will remain disabled. I think this is a good compromise so that users don’t accidentally activate CapsLock, but those who need to use the CapsLock key for some reason can still occasionally use it without too much hassle. However, if for some reason you need a hotkey to toggle CapsLock quickly, please email me or leave a comment below, and I’ll write you a custom version.

3. Type € (the euro sign) by typing either CapsLock+4 or Shift+CapsLock+4.

4. Help File for Spanish version fixed.

The old Spanish version’s help file was accidentally replaced by the German version.

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